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21 Millions Rattan Seeds for The Sustainability of Indonesia Rattan Industry and Tropical Forests

Rattan is categorized as a non-timber/non-wood forest product. Rattan is a woody climbing plant or known in Latin terminology as Liana, which only grows in tropical rainforest. Being a distinct part of tropical rainforest ecosystem, the existence of rattan is depending on the healthy condition of tropical rainforest. Rattan is specified as an ecological indicator of healthy tropical rainforest, therefore rattan product has been widely known as a green product on its own. By using rattan products, the consumers contribute to the conservation of tropical rainforest.

However, the rapid deforestation of tropical rainforest, mainly due to its conversion into plantation of commercial commodities, will endanger the existence of rattan in the long run. This situation will lead to the scarcity of raw rattan materials as basic supply of rattan industry. PROSPECT sees that this situation needs to be anticipated through meaningful actions of prevention.

PROSPECT encourages rattan farmers in Aceh, Central Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi to conduct sustainable rattan cultivation and harvesting as a part of promoting eco-friendly conducts in rattan sector. A process of sustainable rattan cultivation includes an activity of rattan seeding. In the seeding process, rattan seeds and/or rattan shoots are maintained to grow up for 9-12 months. Grown rattan plants are then put in the ground with distance of 5 meters from one another. 1 hectare land can be planted with 68 grown rattan plants in average. Rattan tree can grow up to height of 50 metres.

PROSPECT has established demonstration plot of sustainable rattan cultivation in Aceh Besar (Aceh), Katingan (Central Kalimantan) and Sigi (Central Sulawesi) that aimed to be a learning center of sustainable rattan cultivation. This demonstration plot (demoplot) is run by rattan farmers association. Currently, the activity of rattan seeding has already been started and maintained at each demoplot.

PROSPECT, in collaboration with multi-parties and related stakeholders aims to plant 21 millions of rattan seeds during 3 years up to 2017. These 21 millions rattan seeds aimed to contribute in sustaining the availability of raw rattan materials for rattan industry and conserving tropical rain forest in Indonesia.

PROSPECT welcomes any party that shares mutual concerns of improving eco-friendly rattan industry and conserving tropical rainforest in Indonesia to join in the action of planting 21 millions of rattan seeds.

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